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    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    we lost
    de whole of last nitex
    n today in sch
    soccer was constantly on my mind
    i cant stop tinking
    i cant stop fearing
    b4 de match even started
    i was ald super nervous
    till i wan 2 burst out n scream
    like i saed earlier
    dis is a match every1 will wan 2 watch
    all eyes will be on u
    wen de match 1st starts
    me yuan celes nat n sl
    r de 1st 5 to start de match
    oh yahs
    n siva is our referee -.-
    anyway i started so full of energy
    run n run n run
    chase n chase n chase after pq, after shixuan
    but i still couldnt stop dem frm scoring de 1st goal
    n den another 1
    n den another 1
    den bout 5 mins later
    de 1st kick on my knee came
    i was like oh gosh!
    den vern sub me
    i cried (a little)
    not cos my knee hurts
    but i tink i played lousy
    i feel ive disappointed mani ppl
    my team, my cls
    frm de veri 1st dae we noe we'll be against 4c
    we noe veri well we're dead
    every1 noes dey're realli gd
    to me we onli hav like 20% chance of winning?
    but in de end my cls made me gain confidence
    frm 20 to 50%
    we trained hard
    we trained more den any other clses
    we gave each other words of encouragement
    in de end we still lose badly
    de nitex b4 de match
    me celes nat n sl were on9 toking bout soccer
    we were like so full of energy
    toking bout how we're gg to work tgt
    but its still of no use
    de 5 of us were chosen to be on court 1st
    cos de cls hav confidence in us
    n i realli feel ive disappointed every1 so much
    i cant control de ball well
    all i can do is run
    but wats de use?

    anyway we had quite alot of fun
    playing dis serious match
    but i can sae we were realli not on form;
    anyway its over ler
    wats more impt is we had fun
    n 4c is realli realli gd
    i almost died chasing after dem
    oh yahs
    n here's a sorry to dose whu ive pushed
    especialli pq ly n sx!

    though we lost
    our guys won both matches
    wif 4g n 4i
    jiayou on monday!!! (:

    im going to eat up all my oreo at home!!!

    posted by _`faLleN aNgeL*_ @ 8:32 PM 3 comments

    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    eeyer eeyer!!
    im scared!!
    im nervous!
    i realli m!!
    tml's soccer intercls is so scary
    vs 4c!!
    will be a match mani ppl will wan 2 watch
    so kong bu can!
    anyway its going to be quite fun
    though its gg 2 be so scary
    mus hv fun on de field
    cos dere's not mani chances in my life
    where dere's so mani ppl watching me play soccer
    feeling of a superstar!
    hahaha!! (:
    if we do anything silly on de field tml
    pls dun luff
    cos we'll be so ps!
    but if we do smthing seh
    pls do clap n cheer
    cos will boost our morale!!!!
    okie nvm im jus toking crap-

    anyway today got 2 play frenly wif 4h
    dey're not bad actualli (:
    den change 2 4c play wif dem
    4c's gd!!
    after dat we had frenly wif 4b
    dey're gd too!
    though its so tiring
    dat i almost died
    all de frenlys so fun!

    anyway i quite like my jersey
    cos in my jersey name got mani 'e's
    make de whole name kinda cute n rounded! hahaha!

    4F girls jiayou for soccer tml!!
    though 4c's realli qiang
    we mus do our veri best
    n believe in ourselves

    4F guys jiayou for bball tml too!!
    u all can do it de!!
    woohoo!!! (:

    posted by _`faLleN aNgeL*_ @ 8:04 PM 5 comments

    Monday, May 15, 2006

    had dis veri veri bad flu n cough
    dat my whole day's basicalli so blur
    cant realli rmb wat happened today in sch
    except dat i failed my geog test AGAIN-
    n oso dat roysten tan n dat careless whisper guy came to our sch!

    toking bout geog
    i realli dunno wats wrong wif dis brain of mine
    its not like i din study at all
    i studied wif nat de nitex b4
    i asked her mani qns
    i unds de whole chap b4 i leave her place
    i studied till 1am
    but wat comes out frm all dis hard work?
    a 6.5?
    sumhow de lowest in de cls?
    it jus sucks wen ppl study so much lesser den u
    n yet dey score so much betta
    after analysing
    i finalli came to a conclusion
    im not cut out for human geog
    cos y??
    simply cos i dun hav common sense to ans all dose silly qns-
    is dat realli so?
    mrs ho asked me to stay baq n toked to me
    she saed she's disappointed in me
    n she tinks dat dere're other issues affecting my performance in her tests
    she says i hav potential asks me to work harder
    i will try, dats wat i told her
    n i realli will-

    n den roysten tan came to our sch today
    showed us 3 short films
    D.I.Y, monkeylove n careless whisperer
    quite interesting larhs
    but dun unds de monkeylove at all
    den de 'patrick' came to our sch to sing 'ur beautiful'
    hardly can hear wat he's singing
    but i tink he's realli farnie
    today's assembly i de funnest of all ald!

    wen ur troubled
    jus follow ur heart;
    live for urself n not others' opinions
    ask urself if ur happi wif whu u r n den situation ur in
    dat explains y ur living;(:

    thanks every1 for de care n concern today!
    im so so touched!! (:
    <3 ya all lots!

    posted by _`faLleN aNgeL*_ @ 8:15 PM 0 comments

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    shall blog bout my wk!
    vern got injured on monday
    sumwhere ard de wrist dere
    get well soon ya girl!

    tues was an emotional day for most of us in de audi
    during interaction period.
    cos mother's day is coming
    ms loh showed us a video of a guy whu's in jail
    saying bout wat his mother had done for him since he was young
    how she defended him even though she noe he was in de wrong
    but no matter how nice his mother is
    he has nvr known how 2 treasure her
    n took all her love n concern for granted
    cant realli rmb wat happen after dat
    but 1dae wen he went baq 2 de place he used to live
    everything remained de same
    his friends,
    tress blah
    he jus did not see his mother
    wen watch till dis part dere's ald mani ppl crying
    it suddenly jus flashed thru my mind dat
    dere r mani times wen i too took my mother for granted
    jus cos im her daughter
    she's willing to make any sacrifices w/o any complaints
    but how mani times hav i blamed n complained bout her nags
    even though i noe she cared? mani;
    veri seldom hav i saed a sorry or thnkew deep down frm my heart
    veri seldom hav i walked over to her n gif her a hug
    jus to tell her how much i love her
    to me,
    she'll 4eva be dat veri special woman
    whu has endured 9mths of pain jus to bring me to dis world
    whu has accompanied me thru my ups n downs
    whu has guided me along
    whu has 4given me for any wrong-doings
    w/o her dere'll be no me
    i love u mummy! <3

    after watching de video
    we were given dis pink wif a big 'love' paper
    n an envelope
    we suppose to write wateva we want 2 tell our mothers in de letter
    n de sch will help us post
    at dat time
    even more ppl started crying
    ly me rach sl shandy yuan all cried
    so touching!
    we love our mothers!!! (:

    posted by _`faLleN aNgeL*_ @ 8:27 PM 1 comments

    Friday, May 05, 2006

    ytd was so ps!!!
    mr koh actuaLli made us go avt 2 prac our take5 item
    in front of de whole cls
    n i realli cant even try 2 look at de audience for ONCE!
    its bad reallli bad
    im veri scared!
    cant realli imagine wats it gg 2 be like on dat dae itself
    sum1 save me frm dis trauma pls!!!
    wat if i flop it?
    wat if i made a fool of myself??
    'confidence!! come to me!!'
    ytd's prac was alritex actualli
    jus dat we haven thot of de actions n stuff
    den jus stand dere
    today's short prac has got everything kinda on de track ald!!
    so fun so cool!
    got much much improvement ler! (:
    was kinda thinking bout wats gg to happen on dat dae
    i hope none of us will feel shy
    every1'll go o stage 2 hav fun!
    dun care bout whu's looking underneath
    jus pour out everything we hav!!
    i will try too de!!
    lets do our best n hope we can win ya?! <3

    after sch went to make de cls soccer jersey
    its realli a torture trying to find a suitable pattern out of so mani
    find 1 dats not too boyish n girlish
    1 dats nice yet reasonable prices
    confirming ppl's jersey names
    blah blah blah
    after veri veri long
    we finalli found 1 dats veri nice
    but a little ex onli
    hope everything's gonna turn out nice!! (:
    but yeah 1 thing
    de guy selling de jersey is super kuku larhs!!!
    tok 2 him will vomit blood de!

    ms fang today came in 2 tell us
    dat dere's gonna be 8 sessions of amaths during de holis
    each 2-half hrs
    yeah its gonna be realli boring n tiring
    but guess we'll jus hav 2 work harder barhs
    i dun realli mind coming baq for remedials
    so lets jiayou!! (:

    posted by _`faLleN aNgeL*_ @ 9:24 PM 0 comments